Coach Aaliyah

Movement & Wellness Coach

Coaching You To Your Most Confident Self


Counslation with Aaliyah Earvin

Find the joy of movement before entering the fitness space. 

As a certified personal trainer, health, and life coach, Aaliyah can prepare you to enjoy fitness before paying to join a gym or hire a personal trainer. Most individuals stop working on their fitness goals within the first four weeks. We fail to make a realistic plan before entering a new space.

Discover the type of movement that brings you enjoyment. Create small actionable steps each week, find your fitness community, discover if you like indoor or outdoor spaces. Think of Aaliyah as your guide before leaping into the unknown. 

Goal Setting

Learn to make small actionable steps to accomplish a larger successful goal.


Shift your mindset around your emotions of movement.


Find a community that will support your journey.


Find the motivation to enjoy movement. Find a consistent workout plan, and learn what you enjoy.