Aaliyah Earvin

Movement & Run Coach

Coaching You To Your Most Confident self 

Aaliyah’s Story

In 2007, Aaliyah entered the fitness world as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

One day, she was asked by one of her clients if she would ever consider becoming a running coach.  She responded with a resounding “NO!”  Aaliyah wasn’t ready at that time to receive her purpose. 

Does this sound familiar? She was content with being a fitness specialist and telling people how to achieve their fitness goals.

For 12 years, Aaliyah worked in the fitness industry, helping members reach their goals. Aaliyah has worked with DOJ clients to increase speed to prepare for the academy. She also created community programs, such as 5k races, kid triathlons, and mind-body events. Aaliyah engaged members through fitness classes and helped clients reach their overall wellness goals. Aaliyah started competitively running at the age of eleven. Her running career took her to the NCAA regional meet in the 100mh. After leaving college, she began running 5k for fun. In 2017 she started training for her first half marathon with the goal of running a sub-2-hour half marathon. She missed that goal by 17 minutes. She followed her running buddy’s plan to the T, but she knew something was missing. SPEEDWORK! The following year Aaliyah planned to run her third half marathon, but she dedicated three days to strength training and two days to speed. She reached her goal.
 Aaliyah enrolled in a certification program to become a personal run coach Aaliyah’s describes her superpower as growing your Confidence and Speed, and she knows you’ll make one epic team!  
Aaliyah has her bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Youngstown State University, where she ran Track & Field. She also has a Master in Sports Management from American Public University. 


Aaliyah’s Values & Beliefs

To Hold Space

As your Run Coach, holding space is to keep an open mind free of judgment, listen, and be available for your current needs.

To Build Confidence

As your Run Coach, Aaliyah will instill beliefs in anyone who is stuck by their lack of self-esteem, confidence, limiting beliefs, and fear. As your Run Coach, Aaliyah will empower you by challenging your doubts and perceptions. And think of what is holding you back in a curious and meaningful way.

Goals & Action Steps

As your Run Coach, Aaliyah will help you identify your running, and movement goals. Create plans to reach your strength, speed and racing goals, and take small action steps to make the change and make it last.

Mindset Shift

As your Run Coach, Aaliyah will help you create a Mindset Shift and Reframe your current beliefs. This will allow you to see it from another perspective. This will be very helpful in problem-solving, decision making, and growth. 

Aaliyah’s Approach

Stronger runners become faster and develop power. Coach Aaliyah looks at the entire picture, from increased mobility to building strength. We work on drills to correct running form, increase speed and develop power. Plyometrics and strength training will make runs easier, increase control while racing, and reduce the chance of injuryAaliyah provides education about running form to allow clients to become more confident while running during sports or for fun.


Run Coach | USATF, RRCA

Certified Personal Trainer | American Council on Exercise

Behavior Change Specialist | American Council on Exercise

Health & Life Coach | Health Coach Institute

Yoga -200RYT