Coach Aaliyah

Movement & Wellness Coach

Coaching You To Your Most Confident Self 


As your life and health coach, Aaliyah will assist you with small habitual changes to help you reach your full potential and be your authentic self.
Instead of talking about complex nutrition information, Aaliyah will provide curated information that you need. We will work together taking small steps toward the larger goal or picture. As your coach, Aaliyah will remove the overwhelm of information and curate the perfect content you need in your life
Aaliyah provides little nuggets and gems and will make sure that information is relevant, teachable, and actionable.
If you are striving for body confidence, better sleep, career shift, or lifestyle changes, let’s schedule a discovery call
Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Don’t look for a reason why. We find comfort in all aspects of our life, including those that cause stressors. Let’s make a mindset shift today.

What Is Health| Life Coaching?

Functional Nutrition

Discover how to build a healthy relationship with food to gain more energy. Overcome binge eating, cure cravings, and develop a better relationship with your body.

Goal Setting

Learn how to take small actionable steps that will create long-lasting changes.

Find Your Why

Discover the tools to overcome fears, align with your goals. Strengthen your relationships, and find a connection.

More Confidence

Discovery your inner badass and shift your mindset to become your authentic self.

6 Week Health | Life Coaching Package

This package includes one 30 min discovery call, 6 one-on-one sessions, and 6 accountability calls. (For reoccurring clients only) 


More Details

6-week coaching is a one-on-one experience for 1-hour sessions for six weeks. Limited appointment space available. Client sessions can meet weekly via Zoom or by phone. And will receive 6- 15 min accountability calls each week throughout the program.

Total Transformation: The 12-Week Intensive

Develop small actionable steps to build a powerful vision for your Total Transformation. Learn what foods bring you energy, reduce stress, and practice self-care. We will work on crystal clear step-by-step goals to start your total transformation. (For reoccurring clients only) 


More Details

12-week coaching is a one-on-one experience. This package includes 1-50 min discovery call, 12- 1 hour one-on-one sessions, and 12- 15 min accountability calls. Limited appointment space available. Client sessions can meet weekly via Zoom or by phone. 

what They're Saying

Client Testimonials

If I had to sum up my experience working with a Life Coach in one would be transformative! Prior to starting this journey, I truly didn't have expectations. I had hope. I wanted to be better and live better. But, I was also feeling stuck in several areas of life. Knowing that I needed a new perspective and new approach and that I couldn't arrive there on my own, I decided it was time to invest in myself and connect with a professional who could guide me through it. Putting my trust in Aaliyah was one of the best personal decisions I've ever made! Week after week we worked together to uncover and audit belief systems, behaviors, fears, practices and thoughts that were sabotaging my ability to be my best self. After bringing awareness to and challenging these things, we began the (important and very valuable) process of mindset shifts, adaptiveness, mindfulness, actions steps, and goal setting; with new methods and tools to obtain the things I wanted to achieve and renewed clarity....I was already leveling up! It felt so liberating and empowering to have come so far in a few months! Aaliyah's authentic and insightful approach helped me progress and become more intentional in the ways I contribute to and nurture myself and others, how I speak my truth and how to be more effective in my own life. I learned what was energy giving and energy draining, how to reclaim my power in situations (the same ones where I used to feel stuck), and how to honor myself - mind, body and spirit. I am stronger emotionally, mentally and physically today because an incredible coach had a vested interest in helping me be my best self! The work is deep and challenging, but SO rewarding! It's a privilege to work with someone so compassionate, encouraging and real. Highly, highly recommend Aaliyah's services to enrich your life and deliver positive results!!

Amber Riley

It was a pleasure working with Aaliyah as a Life Coach to achieve my self improvement goals. She is not only informative but is well organized and engaging.  Aaliyah built a good foundation of information that helped me understand why I was doing certain tasks. She showed me the best way to start my new lifestyle & control or remove bad choices. Aaliyah encourages you and doesn't judge. When I fell short she helped me find solutions to succeed on my next effort. 

 Aaliyah's food and fitness suggestions aren't extreme which steered me toward success instead of failure. The materials she provided me and the skills I learned will help me stay on track.
Thank you for your help. I look forward to working with you again because life is a journey.  


Michelle Sweeney

The movement + rollout was dope! It made me feel like I’ve signed up for a great program from the jump. It was a great program overall! It taught me some things about myself that deep down I knew, but brought more to the surface and helped me start some good, healthy habits.

Lena Hopkins